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Transport Service 

Satori House has its own minibus and therefore can offer a transport service.

The transport service is a limited service which can be offered to a service user if funding is available or paid for privately.


The pickup and drop off time will vary in the morning and afternoon depending on the route which the driver takes and depending on others who are to be dropped off in the same area. 

If a service user is transported to and from Satori House by Satori House staff an approximate pick up and drop off slot will be given. 


The driver and escort will only be able to wait for 5 minutes if a service user is not ready, due to picking up others who also receive transport. The service user will still be able to attend Satori House, but will have to find alternative arrangements to get there. 

The transport service will always aim to be on time, but time should be allowed for bad weather conditions and traffic, which may affect the time each service user is picked up. Satori House will always aim to contact you if it is delayed.


If a service user requires a harness due to taking off their seat belt, it is their responsibility to supply this. 


If for some reason the service user cannot attend due to illness/ lateness/ holidays etc Satori House must be advised at the earliest opportunity (preferably by 8.30 am), so that no unnecessary journeys are made.


In bad weather conditions Satori House transport will not be available due to the high risk of an accident. In most cases Satori House will remain open, so the service user can choose to make alternative arrangements if they still wish to come to Satori House. 

From time to time Satori House transport service may be unavailable due to repairs to the vehicle, MOT or service. In this case alternative arrangements will need to be made to transport each service user to Satori House.

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